Thursday, February 10, 2011

1 for 6

Rooster (By Sinatra Song) at High Point Hanoverians American Hanoverian Inspection weekend
The purchases of our first mares marked the beginning of a quest to breed quality horses with great attitudes, yet one thing eluded us for many breeding seasons; a colt. We had five fillies before we were blessed with Rooster (Rose's little brother). That was all I wanted. My own stud colt (again I was young).

Summer weeks at High Point Hanoverians and working Foxglen and Western Sun set in motion the dream of our own stallion. Stallions have presence and something geldings dont; a natural and inherent drive to compete and impress.

Rooster was born months following my Aunt's passing, which was a difficult time for me. I often wonder if the colt of my dreams was her final gift.

He suffered a hoof injury in the field that eventually resulted in a serious crack that went all the way to his cornet band. This lead to a Keratoma, which we opted to wait out instead of immediately going the surgical route. The stud colt was the dream. Should we have to geld him because it's too much to handle or sell him for whatever reason, we got the experience of finally having and raising a stud colt. I hope to have great things to report back on with Rooster in the coming year so keep posted! Until next time, cheers!

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