Wednesday, February 9, 2011

"Beauty without grace is the hook without bait." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Gracelyn at two after my first time body clipping!

Grace is an Irish Draught (Foxglen Himself RID)/Throughbred cross. I purchased her mother, who I no longer own, from a boss I worked for in 8th Grade. The mare had severely deformed knees that the vet believed would limit her from any riding career. Eventually the mare became my reserve hunt horse. We have had a several set backs that can only be described as a series of unfortunate events. Her mother seriously foundered around 5 months and we were sure she had terminated pregnancy. 6 months later baby Grace was born. At three months she underwent general anesthesia to remove a seed husk from her eye. Around 14 months she had an extended stay at New Bolton Center for the same thing that resulted in a corneal ulceration and fat vet bill. However, knock on wood, the past few years have been low maintenance. I am not quite sure what Grace's future will entail, she isn't particularly motivated or fast. I like to think she is just deliberate in her steps. Regardless of her future with me, she makes me very happy in the meantime. I hope to have great updates regarding Grace. Until then, Cheers!
Schooling Foxglen Himself RID
(later we moved this fence towards the rail and draped a coat over it. Next thing I know my outside foot was grazing the top rail of ring! Definitely a memorable experience.)

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