Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Cornerstone of Every Program - Your Mares

Russian Stage (Stage Door Johnny line)
Mama's is the cornerstone of our simple-family run breeding program. Upon completion of the American Hanoverian Society's Summer Inspection at High Point Hanoverians, Mama's reigned supreme. Not only was she the Top Scoring Non-Hanoverian mare, she eventually ended up in the top twenty inspected mares (all accepted into the books, imported warmbloods included) of the year with a score of 7.69! Her scores is amongst of the top scores on record with the AHS for thoroughbred mares. We bought her in foal with Rose. The following years were fruitless in efforts to re-breed her which eventually was connected to a severe uterine infection. After countless treatments the result was still the same. In desperation I ordered a final round of treatments with one difference; sugar manose instead of antibiotics (something I had read about). No longer an in vogue treatment, it took some convincing. Whallah! She caught on the next breeding and delivered the bundle of joy with 'marbles' that was Rooster. I am looking forward to breeding her again, but if not she has a retirement home at the farm. Fingers crossed. Until then, cheers!

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