Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Chestnut Thoroughbred Mare - Yes. She lives up to every expectation of the label.

Rose as a 3-year old in training (Epic Fail)
Her registered name is Rose Campbell, but I am leaning towards Rookie of the Year or Roll Call. Rose was our firstborn. My Aunt used to say Rose was too pretty to be a racehorse, which is why I like to think she had an anything but stellar race career. To say my past with this mare has been difficult is an understatement. There was rearing, bolting, spooking, pacing, spooking, bucking, and spooking. I finally broke down a put her in training for two months with a cowboy friend. The results were incredible; good weight, quiet, and obedient. I brought her back to school and within two weeks she began regressing into her primitive ways and I subsequently tore my ACL. She is difficult, but this I know; she can do it. I am just not going about it the right way. Eventually I want to Mare Performance Test her. All in time I guess. Let's hope for some celebratory posts in the near future. Cheers!

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