Friday, June 3, 2011

The Big Move

Grace and Hope arrived yesterday courtesy of my Dad. In the near future I will have three mares in training. How did I arrive at this point (all mares)?

I have actually experienced a recurring dream involving Rose and Jimmy Wofford, which I find odd because I don't even know what he looks like, just that in my dream he is Jimmy Wofford. The dream always starts with me drinking scotch with Jimmy at some swank bar. Everyone is dressed up. Our discussion turns to Rose and problems I have been experiencing. I explain what methods I have been implementing to approach said problems (each dream they change just as the lessons do). Eventually I ask "What is the secret to a horse like this?" and he says "I'll tell you. The secret is . . . " and then my alarm goes off! Frustrating! By the time I find out the imaginary answer Rose will be competing. Wishful thinking at least. I had it for the third time a few days ago.

The many posts on EventingNation recently regarding the True Prospect Tragedy evoke emotions of every aspect, but Abbie's piece takes things to a whole other level. In every sense, it is a beautiful piece and one that I will encourage other's to read as it puts things into perspective.

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