Saturday, August 27, 2011


It has been a long time since my last entry, but this one is worth the wait. Where to start?

Second Wind is officially mobile with the addition of a truck! Unfortunately I yet to have possession of it as my Dad's truck and trailer are stranded in Conn. since his transmission blew last week while moving some friends to Maine. So until that is resolved the truck will remain with them.

Rose is stealing the show! Three weeks ago she went to a jumper schooling show (first event experience) at St. Augustine Pony Club. The venue was great, the help was so accommodating, and the entries were minimum; which all made for a great outing for green horses. She refused every fence in the 18 inch class once, just to see it. However, the course remained the same and only increased in height throughout the day which was great for her confidence as well as mine. She had one rail in the 2'3" and 2'6" divisions. She ended the day with a win in the 2'9"-2'11" division! Knowing few would believe this I came armed with proof. Check out fence five in this video. (accidentally realized I inserted the Stevie Wonder "Happy Birthday to You" song . . . two months later). This is the video.

In case you needed a close up. Photo by Kate Vosbury

Last week she also went to her first unrecognized horse trials at Carousel Farms, hosted by DVCTA. The event was delayed because of serious thunderstorms which gave way to miserably humid afternoon rides. Two things made this outing invaluable as a whole; her dressage warm-up was the best flat work yet and she was so relaxed the entire day. That being said, there is plenty of room for improvement. She was unsettled in dressage, but the test as a whole improved to the end resulting in a score of 41 (I was expecting a 60!). In stadium she had a run out early on course and was apprehensive approaching the fences. Impulsion plummeted, however, again she improved and once I really got after her a pushed her she ended well. Cross country never felt settled at any point. We were rushing to beat the next set of storms, I was tired, she was tired, and frustrated with the event in general. She thought about refusing several fences but I had her covering ground to get it over with. Six hours is not a fair first outing for a horse, even though she handled it well. She finished in 8th o/o 10.

I am so pleased with where I currently am with Rose. Words cannot convey how frustrating, difficult, and at times defeating my past with this horse has been. To see such improvement is proof that my own horsemanship is maturing.

Lastly, I just finished my third week working for Sally. My first day there a parrot landed on Nat's head. From nowhere. You just can't make up this stuff. Sally is a passionate business woman and brutally honest. All things we like. Lessons have been infrequent as usual because of my lack of transportation, so I spend a majority of my time absorbing through watching and listening.

Hope is scheduled to go Novice at Fair Hill's Unrecognized in Two weeks. Lot's of work in the meantime! Planning on campaigning both Rose and Hope through a series of unrecognized through the fall in preperation for wintering down South.

Loving every day of life. Cheers!

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