Thursday, January 5, 2012

Carpe Diem

I know. Another cliche phrase, but for the moment I am filled with it. In two days I will be touching down in the new Motherland of Lauren Billys for a much needed and well deserved vacation. Then less than 24 hours after arrival home I will be departing for an extended stay in Aiken, SC. I will be bringing my three mares Hope, Rose, and Grace. I really wanted to bring two, but this might be my only opportunity to spend time in Aiken and I am going to be at the amazing Sporting Days Farm facility. So I need to bite the bullet. And apply for a new credit card tomorrow.

My stud colt has now been recovering for nearly 2.5 months. His final checkup before returning to my parent's farm for the winter went well, but my vet still thinks it will be another 4-6 months before we see full improvement. Silver lining; I will be in Aiken for 3 or those months.

This week has been stressful. I have been working ridiculous hours the last three weeks and now I am planning the biggest move of my life on an shoe-string and essentially non-existant budget. In earlier posts I mentioned how easy it is to lose sight of our blessings. Recent events around me last week have been a constant reminder that Carpe Diem shouldn't be a phrase, but a practice. A co-workers son died from a completely unexpected heart-attack. My best friends Aunt died from a completely unexpected siezure. Another co-worker just lost a brother.

I am stressed and feeling financial constraints, but this job gave me the ability to pay off large portions of my personal debt (much of which amassed during my own recovery), take more lessons in 6 months (11) than I have in the last four years (7), and finally almost finish paying off Hope. It gave me a trip to Puerto Rico and enough savings to get started in Aiken.

So I am currently trying with great determination to not stress and let things happen and keep faith that things will work out because I have some very wonderful people pulling for me. So go on! Carpe Diem! I'll Cheers to that!

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