Sunday, May 20, 2012

Green Flags!

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We have had a successful last three weeks here at Second Wind Equestrian. Hope and I have been attending Molly Rosin School of Rock. Two show jump lessons, two cross country schools, and one dressage lesson. Good stuff. Molly has been drilling me on 1.) More leg, less hands, 2.) Not making moves at fences, and 3.) consistency. MCTA was a great learning experience. In dressage we scored well enough to tie for 9th o/o 30. Showjumping we dropped three rails. Cross country was a blast and I appreciated that the technical combinations were smaller while the gallop fences were large. She was brave. We had a run-out at a narrow planter. I think at about the same time we both realized we didn't have enough gumption to jump successfully and Hope promptly stopped with her front feet on the second step. Re-approach, golden. Huge thanks to my friends Julia Beamish and Esther Gu of Mayadinya Farm for all their help.

Photo GRC Photography
Fair Hill was another positive experience. My dressage warm-up was brilliant and Hope felt game on, but my confidence got the best of us and we scored poorly. I think my lack of time spent working in a dressage size space makes my test feel rushed because everything arrives much quicker than you anticipate, which inevitably stresses me, which causes me to use my hands more, which ruins everything. I am going to set up markers this week for a 15 meter circle, a 20 meter circle, and a small dressage ring. Stadium was great because it was consistent. One rail and a mess of time. I need to stop riding conservatively and ride more competively. I am finally at a point where I can ride her to the fence. Cross country was fun and progressively got better.

I am finally feeling like I could actually have a prelim. horse in the near future. We just need a few more runs to bring it all together.

I went to Rolex for my first time with Julia and Esther. The experience was so inspiring. Being able to see each movement and reaction is invalueble. Seeing Allison and Arthur defining uphill. William Fox-Pitt so balanced. Coming home to Rose still on stall rest was disappointing because I know this mare has star quality when her head is in the game. 8 more weeks.

Moving home to lower Delaware tomorrow to work for the summer at the beach. Cheers!

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