Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Rosin-Schmolze-Tini . . . Dirty.

Redemption at the Jersey Shore. Hope and I made the trip to the Horse Park of New Jersey for a second attempt at securing my final qualifying score at training level. Molly wasn't attending HPNJ that weekend so Kristin gave me some much needed guidance in the warm-up. We schooled two things in the warm-up; softening and then asking for more forwardness. Our test was improved from my our previous outing, but it left not just room, but hallways, closets, and basements for improvement. Torrential rain and severe lightning delayed the event. SJ rewarded a forward ride, which was both difficult and intimidating in the wet footing. The course was diagonal line, bending line, diagonal line, combination, and final oxer. The combination consisted of a fence angled into the fence line and then a bend to a one-one-four. Of course she jumped me out of the tack on the first and the combination became a 2-2-4. How we jumped through the combination clean I can't explain. We finished with a rail and some time. First fence on cross country was uber-soft. The second fence was a massive ramp on a down-hill. A combination of slick footing and not enough impulsion and pace produced a 'stop'. Second attempt was golden and the rest of the course only got better. Everything comes down to speed. I am not fully aware of Training speed, but feeling a little more educated following this run.

I am almost there, a sweet spot. My lessons with Molly have been incredibly constructive and are paying off in dividends. I am just waiting for that outing where everything comes together. My catch-up with Kristin gave me more homework in the mean time. Great combination of education and experience.

Worked two doubles before HPNJ and two after. Its been exhausting, but worthwhile. Back to cleaning and drying out tack and equipment. Dirty.

Fair Hill in two weeks. Cheers!

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