Thursday, August 30, 2012


Final qualifying score at Training; check. Although I am technically qualified to move up, I realize I have a bit more work to do before I can tackle my first Prelim. Dressage went well with a resulting 38 at Fair Hill. SJ left room for improvement with a refusal and two subsequent rails. XC was brilliant (#neverwalkedmycourse). I finally feel confident about larger and more technical XC, just need to work out some confidence issues in SJ.

Each day I am realizing more and more that at some point I want to run my own event. At the beach. In Delaware. I have even began drafting possible sponsors, xc fences, and stakeholders for land acquisition. A boy can dream.

Pround of our Americans competing at Burghley! Excited to see top ten finishes from Sinead, Allison, and Kristi!

Planning on another positive outing at Loch Moy next weekend following 9 days at the restaurant. Ah!

Cheers and may the games . . .  BEGIN!

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