Sunday, November 18, 2012

DayLight-Hearted Time

As quickly as the fall season arrived it seems to have ended. It seems like this time each year is met with a general slowing of life processes. The irony of the situation being that it lends the opportunity to catch-up. As patron numbers decreased at the restaurant I started a part-time job teaching middle school students at a nature preserve. Between work (50 hrs.), teaching (25 hrs.), and my mares (the rest), I believe I have approached my threshold. Exhaustion would be an understatement.

Hope completed three final outings at Training level: Loch Moy, Middleburg, and Horse Park of NJ. Although each outing had brilliant moments, the not-so-brilliant moments have been humbling as my SJ confidence seems to be in disrepair.

Rose is back to full-time flat work and as awful as it sounds, at times I believe her injury was the best thing to happen to our partnership. She seems to have returned at her best as I have taken new approaches to addressing training deficits.

Grace completed her first Beginner Novice at Fair Hill and moved up to Novice at Plantation Field. Although she felt overwhelmed with a full SJ experience, she demonstrated bravery beyond her years on XC. It is an unexplainable feeling of accomplishment to have been the sole owner of this horse from start to finish. Her mom was a rescue. I worked my days off at a breeding farm to the stallion of my choice. She was our first foal to breed. We raised her. I started her and I have now completed an event at novice.
Amy Dragoo Photo - Free picture to any Plantation competitor in costume!
Our Sales Gelding in his 1st Beginner Novice with Rider Kelsey Hamilton (also in costume)

I enter the winter with some uncertainty and no long-term plan. In a perfect world I would only have one horse and be a working student, but I need to be realistic. I have a string of talented prospects that unfortunately require more resources as I try to progress. My progress however, is hindered by my lack of education. I need more lessons. I have been spending a significant amount of time watching and learning from youtube ad videos posted on the internet. I recently watched the George Morris Horsemanship Series on the USEFnetwork. One thing you hear over and over is "Practice doesn't make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect.". So for the time being I am trying to make every ride a perfect practice ride which for me focus on not using my hands to make adjustments, heels down for a solid support, and belly button forward.

So for the time being I will continue to practice and work more to make lesson opportunities possible, though I question how much longer I can continue this routine. It is getting quite exhuasting. In the meantime I will cross my fingers on my 2nd attempt with the Worth the Trust Scholarship. On that note, cheers to a hopeful congratulatory email in the near future!

Grace and I taking in the salt air in mid-November in my hometown of Lewes, Delaware.

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