Saturday, January 19, 2013

Dirty Dancing: Havarah Mornings

Last week marked the beginning of my 2013 Worth the Trust endeavor with an early morning of lessons with Molly Rosin-Kinnamon of Havarah Equestrian.

My Irish home bred Grace was first and our lesson focused on creating a trot that created a more uphill front end from impulsion and not hands. To accomplish this we spent time throughout the lesson using a series of three rails with the outside two angled away from the center rail to create a grid similar in shape to a slice of pizza. Like so . . . \ l /. For me this provided the opportunity to experience the feeling of an engaged hind end and in my attempts to maintain it following the grid, understand the plan necessary to create it.

Second to go was Hope who was arriving following a stellar jump school the week before and a not so stellar jump school the week of. My seemingly biggest obstacles with this mare are reacting to her attempts to make moves at a fence at which point my body seems to be seized with some form of fear and I go rigamortis. For this Molly suggested incorporating trot work over fences in order to encourage both she and I to wait. We also incorporated the pizza grid following fences in order to settle us and create some suppleness and obedience, while furthering my attempts to understand impulsion, in between fences.

As always I am fighting my habit of using my hand, but it seems as though several insightful clinic reports and comments have been addressing the same issue. We are not alone! I do feel as though my progress has been exponential in the previous months and I can only hope to maintain that impulsion (boom!). Cheers!

Worth the Trust - 3,000.00 - 120.00 (Two lessons at 60.00 apiece) = 2,880.00