Friday, May 3, 2013

Spring Cleaning

A long overdue entry.

3.26.2013 - Lesson with Kate Hicks - In this lesson we continued to work on developing a more engaging canter and challenged both Hope and I with some of the larger fences we have faced in our partnership. Although we had several hick-ups, the response was to try again (and again after another one) and that I dig. With several fences at Prelim. height I found out quickly that I needed more canter. A long and productive lesson with a tired pair by the end. I don't mind the rails as long as I am creating a canter that gets us an attempt versus a refusal. I swear I practice every day to not have hands that post with me! Will keep working on a snug and supporting lower leg and keeping those hands still! Lesson Video

4.3.2013 - Molly is back from Aiken! During this lesson we continued to focus on quality of canter and producing a canter that finds the distance and provides enough gumption to jump out of a misjudged distance (this quality of canter concept seems to be a tough spot for us). We worked over a single oxer and then a one stride. Although Hope felt improved in the flat, the lesson was not without refusals because of a combination of rider error and lack of canter.

4.6.2013 and 4.7.2013 - Grace (4.7.2013) and Hope (4.6.2013) go to Kate for jumps lessons in preperation for Plantation Field where Grace is entered Novice and Hope Training. Hope Video and Grace Video. Plantation was a solid first outing for the season in that nearly nothing went according to plan. Grace gave a great first effort at Novice and although she had a run-out early on, she displayed gallop and bravery beyond her years to finish on Sunday. Hope dropped two rails in stadium but was one of the few to go inside the time in stadium and a clean run across XC with no time penalties moved us up in the results.

4.7.2013 - Gas: -120.79

4.18.2013 - Lesson on Hope with Molly - Big lesson with Molly where the quality of canter finally began to emerge. The lesson consisted of a bounce using two low and narrow elements, a vertical-two stride-oxer and a vertical-one stride-vertical.

4.21.2013 - Kate's long awaited opportunity to teach me in a flat lesson. We focused on maintaining the quality of the trot between rising and sitting. Not sure if your doing it right, don't worry your abs will scream words of encouragement.

4.23.2013 - XC schooling with Molly on Hope and Grace - Grace kicked things off with the Novice group. We schooled arriving at the base of the fence with more canter to encourage the mare to use herself more up front. The result was a forward and more fluid ride over some training fences! Hope was next to go and for reasons unknown she lacked rideability (crowds, neon colored pony clubbers zipping by,world hunger, global warming . . . ). Although I was disappointed with the aspect of rideability, the mare was very forward and eager to jump. It became quite obvious that we have exited the loose-ring snaffle stage and for the time being require a little more bit.

Worth the Trust Funds: 2254.03 @ last entry
3.26 Lesson with Kate: -60.00
4.3 Lesson with Molly: -60.00
4.7 Lessons with Kate: -120.00
      Gas: -120.79
4.18 Lesson with Molly: -60.00
4.21 Lesson with Kate: -60.00
4.23 XC with Molly: -100.00
New Balance: 1673.24

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