Saturday, April 26, 2014

Spring Cleaning

I moved the two hours north to Chester County in mid-November. Unloaded the rig at Fox Mill Farm and hit the ground running. Wendy and Travis Kinnamon of Breakaway Farm invited me back to help start thoroughbred yearlings for the duration of the fall.  Soon after Christmas I started managing a barn of foxhunters in Unionville, Pa through the most epic winter season I ever experienced that was complete with near record snow, ice storms, long term power outages and mornings that regularly began in the single digits. Spring couldn't come any sooner!

"Buff the Magic Dragon"

Cheshire Hunt Club

Due to time constraints I changed up a training program and opted for Sally Lofting because she was close to Fox Mill since she was based out of True Prospect for the winter. I am so thankful for this decision because the lessons had some major pay-offs as Sally worked me through further improving the canter and having adjustability before the fences in relation to take-off and the height of the fence. I have noticed a real change, evident in our initial attempts this spring season.

Hope ran Morven's Training and produced her first clear round in years in SJ and a steady, clear round in the mud laden cross country course. A few weeks ago I took Hope and Grace to Plantation Field. Hope moved back up to Prelim. with a clean ride cross country and our best dressage test at the level. Show jumping was tough and implemented the terrain during a time when most of us in the area were finally able to ride outside for the first time in months. Grace contested her second Training in style with a clean cross country round and two rails in stadium.

Photo by Steve Berkowitz - Hope Prelim Water

Photo by Steve Berkowitz - Grace tackles the Training Water

Grace contested the Training again the following week at Fair Hill in which we produced my third consecutive test between both horses, complete with an error, and a score of 40.9. Stadium had one rail, but a very quick and clean trip around cross country.
Grace tackles an early house in the Fair Hill Training

Photo by Steve Berkowitz - Grace Fair Hill Training

Both girls are entered at Plantation and Fair Hill back to back before making our final trip home for a summer of work at the beach. Hope is tentatively scheduled Prelim. for both and Grace the training with a hopeful move-up to prelim in early summer.


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